Friday, May 29, 2009

Time goes by so fast

I know I am behind on this thing. I have photos, recipes and thoughts to share but am having a hard time getting the time! lol I plan on updating this after the weekend. Maybe in a few posts so the entries are not so long...... THEY wouldnt be so long if I didnt use so many words now would they. LOL

I have been walking and eatting, regularly for the most part and heart healthy too. I will get to that.

THis morning I was doing my walking video with Leslie Sansone and pulled a "groin" or whatever muscle that girls have, if they dont have groin muscles LOL in the 2nd mile of my walk! VERY MAD at my body again ( which reminds me I have not blogged about my epiphany!) OH SO MUCH BLOGGING TO DO SO LITTLE TIME!

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