Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Been a busy week to 10 Days

This past week, DH and I celebrated 21 yrs of marriage!! We went to our fishing trailer in Pine Island and fished. :D Since our boat was still in the shop the boys let us borrow their little 16ft skiff. What a blast we had! We didn't catch many fish on line and hook but we netted 25 mullet and had a blast doing it! LOL it was low tide so I would "back" dh into the school of mullet , with the trolling motor, while he was ready with the cast net. Now I am directionally challenged and when I "backed " him into the Mullet, right was left and left was right!! and with the motor turned around forward was back and reverse was forward!! LOL!! LETS JUST SAY I SHOULD NEVER FLY A PLANE or make a career in the armed forces driving anything!! WE got tickled so many times! The visuals were just hilarious. At one point, the tide was so low we couldn't use the trolling motor so I had to put on my wadding boots ( so sexy in a bathing suit) and PUSH dh and the boat over a sand bar that was just under water. WE were redneckish for sure then!

The reason we didn't catch many fish is there was a family of Manatees in our fishing holeS! Lol Sweet critters but had scared all the fish away and would not leave "their " hole! We enjoyed watching them. At other times the dolphin would come by as they were hunting fish. Never got close to us but you can bet no fish were around after they past through! I did hook into a 100 pound Tarpon and he took me for a ride for a few minutes. He spooled all but about 30 ft of my line, off my reel before throwing the hook. BUT that was okay cause you cant eat Tarpon, I have caught 2 and do not prefer to catch anymore.

We came home Sunday, to a clean house and the boys were working on dinner. OH MY GOSH, did they take time and preparation! I was expecting something grilled maybe, a steak or fish, BUT no, they cooked me a Japanese style meal complete with fish and steak sauce that they made themselves!! I was speechless! It was an awesome meal! THEN LOL, we went to see the new Star Trek movie! LOL but it was entertaining!

We had dinner with my Aunts and Uncle. They love Mullet and provided for me so Dh and I cooked it for them and gave them some to take home.

The diet requirements have been going well. I have been exercising every week day with Leslie Sansone's 5 mile DVD. I am now able to coordinate my arms at half beat and my legs with the beat! YAY! LOL Some days my fibro gets in my way but I just take it down a notch when it is bothering me and bring it up a notch on the days I am feeling good. MY bones have better be getting stronger LOL! I know Leslie's videos are geared for weight loss but she needs to tell people that it is good for Cholesterol issues and bond strengthening. I am getting better and better at it.

Have a great day!

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