Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Epiphany

Well the other day I was not feeling well and needed a b12 shot and, well, was having a pity party for 1. All these medical issues, meds needed, diets needed, exercise needed....It dawned on me, the positive side not the procrastinator person that can be lazy with little effort of me, decided to take a look at myself with a more positive view.

YES, I have medical issues, YES I can be, am high maintenance medically speaking, BUT maybe these issues in my life are to protect me from What I could be like if I wasn't living a heart healthy lifestyle??!! I could blame genetics all day long and win! I could just blame genetics and go on with life not fighting it. What if God allowed me to have these issues to save me from myself?? AND HE used me in spite of Genetics. That my fight to be healthy and live an active life with my family and friends is the result.

I know this, if I did not have these issues, I would not be taking care of myself. I know me and me loves Chocolate, fried foods, junk foods, BACON! Oh crispy bacon ! LOL and I am not a person of moderation sometimes. I know the person I have been and that person slept A LOT, ached daily, was on many more medications and was very unhappy with herself.

HA! MY medical issues very well could be what is saving me from myself! After thinking about it in the above manner and counting my blessings and realizing how much better I feel, look and think ( well okay, so that is still improving! circuits again) that I don't want to go back. So hopeful when I have a bad day I can remember this and that keep up what I have gained in prospective, health, and enthusiasm. LIFE IS SHORT! I wanna live it.

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